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Evolve the way you clean
with Februus

Keep up with the times:
work faster, safer and cheaper


What's Februus?

The best partner to improve the efficiency of your cleaning work.
Dive deeper into what this innovative product has to offer.

First things First

Februus is the first drone, built from scratch, that has no other purpose than cleaning surfaces reducing work time.

The entire machine was built under the directions and supervision of sector companies, to ensure that it will fit and meet any need of the industry.

Made in Italy.png


Feel free to use chemical agents or to wash with mere pressure.

Connect the drone to the pump and you'll be good to go!

febris cleaning drone blueprint

What surfaces?

No limits, whether you need to clean windows, wallssolar panels or any other surface, Februus will handle those with ease.

No more scaffold, bosun's chair or swing stage;

No more time consuming activities;

Just switch on the drone and start working.

Febris cleaning drone hose

Flight performances

Get maximum efficiency in your cleaning work

36 min

Flight time

(with batteries)

15 m/s

Wind resistence

Febris Operative temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Operative temperature

30 mt

Height of the wash

25 kg


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The transition

Upgrade your business and improve the efficiency of your cleaning work.

Being able to fully understand the machine you're operating with is essential to safely operate.

Therefore, along with the drone, we offer you the chance to get personal training sessions that will get you to know the drone inside out.

It's user-friendly interface allows you and your crew to quickly learn how to use it.

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